The Western Collegiate Cycling Conference (WCCC) is composed of the Colleges and Universities from California, Western Nevada, and Hawaii. Collegiate athletes particpate in Mountain, Road, Track, and Cyclocross Events across the states and some of our top riders head to USA Cycling Collegiate Nationals to compete with 10 other conferences from around the nation. We are one of the eleven collegiate cycling conferences that are part of USA Cycling, the national governing body of cycling for the USA. Collegiate cycling is one of the fastest growing aspects of American cycling today, and there is every reason you and your school should be a part of it.

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Good Morning from the New Conference Director

February 27, 2014 from Kristen Hill

I want to thank each of you first of all for your patience while Erika and I swapped the reins for the WCCC.

I am excited (yes, still excited after being thrown into the fire) to be the new WCCC Conference Director for each of you and your teams. A little about myself, I raced road after watching my Husband race for years (he started as a juniors racer when he was 12), I started later in life and loved it. While getting ready to upgrade from a cat 3 to a 2, my youngest Son who is 14 and a cat 3 now, decided he wanted to race and he joined our local team, Davis Bike Club Race Team which was falling apart due to needing a new director. I volunteered 4 years ago to be a helper to keep the team going and yes you guessed it, I ended up being that director and was not able to 100% focus on my racing and the teams 100% so I gave up what I was doing to concentrate on juniors on bicycles and racing. So I coach and direct a squad of 19 juniors. I race CX and Mtn bikes in my spare time. Since then, my Daughter decided to race as well a few years ago, she is now 13 and was chosen as one of three development riders for Vanderkitten for 2014, she helped run registration at UCSC on Sunday so some of you may have met her. My Son is now on a development squad based in Folsom, Limitless Cycling. And yes, I am still running the local juniors program even though my kids moved on. I wear a lot of hats and am well connected which I feel will help me with the WCCC and each of you. This is my 3rd year on the NCNCA board of directors, currently I am the Junior and Women's liaison for the racing community. I am also a licensed official so you will see me wear that hat as well. My real job, I am the General Manager of a screen print shop located in Davis. But I am very into cycling for the long haul!

I am here to help each of you and your teams succeed, so if you need anything, please contact me. I have been sitting back and watching the races, permits, registrations and post event paperwork as well as results. We will be making some changes for next year and maybe a few for the race directors who still will be putting on races, more of organizational changes that will help race directors, myself and the results person. I am also going to work on strengthening/rebuilding the relationship with the NCNCA and the SCNCA. My first goal was to obtain a working computer and camera system for the WCCC that woudl be dedicated to use in the NCNCA races and they voted all in favor of purchasing us our own equipment to use at all of our NCNCA races! We will see what we can do in the SCNCA for these needs as well. So if you see a NCNCA board member (most likely an official, please thank them).

I cannot thank Virginia enough for her help during this time, I am not sure I could do this without her, so thank you Virginia.

While I try to transition my junior program around the WCCC races, I will not be able to be at all of them but will be at all of the ones I can. I met some of you Sunday and you are all so welcoming, so thank you.

I produced some t-shirts and hoods as a fundraiser for the WCCC, we sold some at the UCSC race, look for them at Stanford next or you can buy them on-line, located on the WCCC website. The money raised goes back into your club so share the word and support the WCCC.

Now on to the stuff you are really reading this for! Here are the results....

UCSD, Cal Poly, and UCLA have all been updated and uploaded.

Team and Individual will be posted soon.

UCSC will be completed soon. And look for team and individual omnium (through to UCLA) by this afternoon.

If you have any issues, questions or concerns, please direct them to myself, it's what I am hear for. You will still see Erika around but she is just a racer like yourselves. Erika did a great job and I still am asking her stuff so I thank her as well for her time she is putting in and has put in to the WCCC.

For your planning purposes, here are the nationals allocations we have for this year:

D1 -

Team Qualifiers:
1 - 7 RR 4 Crit
2 - 6 RR 4 Crit
3 - 5 RR 3 Crit
4 - 4 RR 3 Crit

Individual Qualifiers:
The top 6 individuals who are not a part of a team that has qualified for RR The top 4 individuals who are not a part of a team that has qualified for the Crit (the crit course this year is a lot smaller than it was in Ogden so USAC is keeping the fields smaller for that race).

D2 -
1 - 5 RR 3 Crit
2 - 4 RR 2 Crit

Individual Qualifiers:
The top 2 individuals who are not a part of a team that has qualified for RR
The top 2 individuals who are not a part of a team that has qualified for the Crit.

Thank you all again for your patience and I look forward to meeting each of you soon! Kristen

2014 Road Season Just Around the Corner

January 8, 2014 from "Conference Director"

The 2014 Collegiate Road Season is just around the corner. There are some important schedule changes that have been made on our calendar as we make our way to the first race on February 1st. The Boulevard Road Race has histically marked the start of the WCCC season as teams make their way towards the Mexico Border, hosted by the UC-San Diego team. The season continues on Feb. 8 and 9th with Cal Poly's Campus Criterium and Santa Maria Road Race. Also, for the first time, the WCCC will be hosting a "Free-For-Collegiate-Teams" Officials Clinic after the criterium. "After completing the course, you'll be prepared to take the test to become a certified USAC official, which will help the conference by giving us a pool of officials in house to help at races." For more information contact Virginia, our Women's Conference Coordinator.

On the 15th, UC-Los Angeles will host their well known Juniper Hills Road Race followed by UC-Santa Cruz's circut campus race and Criterium on the 22nd and 23rd. Santa Clara will be teaming up with UC-Irvine down in Southern California to Co-Host the first weekend of March with a Road Race and highly anticipated Criterium. Heading back up to Northern California, Stanford University's well known road race will be on March 8th followed by a new location for their Criterium on the 9th. UC-Berkeley's killer weekend will bring out the climbers on the 15th and 16th followed by Humboldt State's Road Race and Criterium on the 22nd and 23rd. Concluding the month of March, UC-Davis will host their Road and Criterium race.

Beautiful Santa Barbara welcomes our last month of racing with a Road Race and Criterium hosted by UCSB. The conference will have a much deserved rest weekend between the 10 continuous race weekends and the final two stopping points. Crossing over the California border, UN-Reno's Road Race and Criterium will take place April 19th and 20th while teams fight for the last remaining points and National standings.

Conference Championships will be taking place in Central California, Fresno this year where all points will be doubled. This weekend will be the final determining factor for National Qualifications along with all the category omnium leader standings.

The WCCC Road Race Numbers have been ordered. They look great and they are cloth too!! Thank you Champion System for helping us out.

As you can see from the proofs above each category will be color coded and under its own series. If you raced MTB this last season we will be continuing that system with a few key changes. Each rider will receive one set of numbers, two identical cloth numbers. These are your numbers to keep and you are required to pin BOTH numbers to either side of your jersey for each race unless noted otherwise at registration. {How To} Any rider who races in a WCCC collegiate race without THEIR collegiate number will be disqualified and/or any other disciplinary actions if deemed necessary. Photocopies of your number will not be acceptable.

All race number sets are $5. (Including your initial number) *this cover the costs of the numbers and our Conference Please bring $5 to registration. The conference will also accept team pay for the numbers, check and/or cash. Checks may be made out to "The Western Collegiate Cycling Conference".

This is your number for the entire season. Should you upgrade, return your set of numbers to receive a new set that matches your new category or purchase a new set for $5 and keep your old number for ev-ah!

Should you misplace, forget to bring your numbers to a race, or lose one or both numbers – replacements will be $5. (non-refundable) Any damaged numbers (due to a crash) may be replaced free of charge if both numbers are returned.


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